BXK Online

bxk fur
  • We are a fur manufacturer and dealer operating in Montreal, Canada
  • Specialists in fine fur garments and accessories, we are able to provide our customers with the latest trends in fashions from any corner of the world 
  • We also specialize in fur plates, which are large sheets of section fur which can serve as a rug, blanket, throw, or can be manufactured into a garment such as a jacket coat or hat
  • Pieces can also be used to accessorize non-fur clothing (for example, a parka hood with fur edges)
  • Contact information:
                Bill Kampouris
                3649 Roger-Lemelin
                Saint-Laurent, (Quebec) H4R 2Z4
                Tel: (514) 582-0646
                Email: bxkonline@gmail.com


Welcome to BXK Online. With over 30 years of experience in the fur industry we have the knowledge and skills to provide the absolute best products available on the market.