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Fur Plates

Our collection consists of a wide array of fur plates (also known as fur rug, fur throw, or even a fur blanket). Our plates are made of quality section fur, thus conserving the maximum amount of fur. The sizes vary, however the standard is 47" in length by 88" in width.

Fur plates are totally multi-usage: they can be used by a manufacturer to produce a fur garment (fur jackets, fur coats, fur vests). All he has to do is cut the plate based on a designer's pattern.

Plates are also useful for the non-manufacturing public. They make great carpets, throws, blankets or pillow cases, offering both luxury and warmth.

These are just some reasons why fur plates are innovative and ground-breaking products. In conclusion, they come in many varieties: beaver, mink, fox, raccoon, sable, lynx and coyote, among others.


Welcome to BXK Online. With over 30 years of experience in the fur industry we have the knowledge and skills to provide the absolute best products available on the market.